Unicorn (Dream) Aromatherapy Candle


Can’t get to sleep? Feeling restless? This little beauty has the power of the flower to help you fall asleep in a peep.

The essential oils:

Lavender to relax and calm.
Chamomile to soothe.
Geranium to reduce insomnia.
*The Unicorn can be used in pregnancy and is perfect for helping to get those extra zzz’s (we recommend using the range from the 2nd trimester onwards).

Burn Time

Mini (60g): 12-15 hours approx.
Large (250g): 45 hours approx.
Our candles are:

100% Natural.
Vegan Friendly.
Wellness inspired to provide therapeutic benefits.
Handmade (including the wicks) in small batches in Surrey.
Parafin and Phthalate Free.
Presented in a Amber glass jar to preserve the essential oils but can also be recycled / reused*.


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