Soap Scrubbie


Add a bit more fun to bath times with a colourful Soap Scrubbie! Use as a bath/shower mitt or put bar directly inside the Scrubbie pouch for super lathering power. Great for making soap and shampoo bars last longer, and big enough for grown-up hands as well as for kids. Made in the UK from cotton terry towelling.

Please note colour of the trim and hanging loop varies and will be selected at random.

Directions for Use:

  • Either pop a soap or shampoo bar inside the Soap Scrubbie and rub over hair or skin to lather up and wash, or rub soap bar directly onto outside of Soap Scrubbie and then use to wash.
  • Remove soap/shampoo bar after use and allow to dry out.
  • For washing, we recommend a 30℃ – 40℃ cycle and use a net bag for all small items.

Packaging: Card sleeve.


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