Rosemary & Lime Shaving Soap


A zingy shaving & facial cleansing soap that clarifies and moisturises the skin. Kaolin clay provides a moisturising, cushioned layer for shaving while charcoal naturally draws out toxins and impurities for a super fresh feeling.

Vegan. Handmade in the UK.

Directions for Use:

  • For traditional wet shaving: Use a wet shave brush or hands, work into a rich lather with warm water and apply to stubble. Shave as usual.
  • As a daily facial soap: Simply work into a lather with warm water and massage onto wet face, rinse clean.

Ingredients: Sodium olivate, sodium cocoate, aqua, butyrospermum parkii butter, rosmarinus officinalis [rosemary] essential oil contains limonene, citrus aurantifolia [lime] essential oil contains citral, limonene, rosmarinus officinalis [rosemary] leaf, kaolin [clay], rosemary leaf removed and activated charcoal added.

Packaging: Paper wrap.

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