Wool Dryer Balls



Wool dryer balls are a must for natural laundry care. They speed up tumble drying time and help soften clothes naturally by allowing air to circulate better around the dryer, absorbing moisture, spreading the heat, and preventing static electricity. Made from 100% wool, they don’t release any microplastics and can even be used to naturally fragrance laundry (see directions below). Our dryer balls are made with a cute sheep motif crafted from darker colours of wool to help none of it go to waste!

Material: Ethically hand felted from 100% New Zealand wool – a Fair Trade product made in the UK.

Size: Each ball is approx 7.0 cm in diameter.

Direction for Use:

  • For a natural way to fragrance laundry, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to each of the dryer balls. Give them time to absorb the oil overnight and they’ll be ready for the next load!
  • Add 3-6 dryer balls to the drum of your tumble dryer depending on laundry load size and dry as usual – you will need to adjust your usual drying times as they will be reduced with the use of the dryer balls.
  • You can store your dryer balls in the dryer between cycles, or in their cotton bag.


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