Kid’s Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads


Recyclable electric toothbrush heads for Kids aged 3+. With soft bristles and a smaller head, these brush heads are perfect for little mouths and teeth. To recycle, simply return used brush heads to us in store, or post directly to the manufacturer.

Compatible with:

– Any Oral-B* or Braun* electric toothbrush that is supplied with a circular brush head excluding iO versions.

– Any Superdrug electric toothbrush that is supplied with a circular brush head

*Please note Oral-B and Braun are third party trademarks with no affiliation to LiveCoco.

How to Use:

  • Attach to kid’s electric toothbrush – ensure that the brush head is not easily removable after attaching it to your electric toothbrush. It must be attached in a secure manner before use.
  • Rinse after use.
  • When your toothbrush head reaches the end of it’s life, return it to us in store or direct to the manufacturer to be recycled.

Packaging: Cardboard box.

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