Refill Station @ Woking Market

When are you open?

We are open every Saturday 9am-4pm

PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with lockdown restrictions, we are not trading at Woking Market during November 2020.

Where is your stall?

Our usual pitch is on Mercia Walk (outside Starbucks, just off the town square). Occasionally we are moved down to Market Walk for the odd week.

Can I bring any container to refill?

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their containers are fit for purpose. Please see our Refilling Best Practise page for more guidance. We cannot accept food/drinks containers for refilling, and retain the right to refuse a container if we think it is unsuitable or dangerous.

Can I bring any size container to refill?

Yes! Part of the joy of refilling is that you can buy as much or as little as you need.

What safety measures will you have in place during the health crisis?

We have completed a full Covid-19 risk assessment of our business, and follow current government guidance and legislation on keeping everyone safe. At our refill station, this includes:

  • We are only accepting contactless payments i.e. card/ Apple Pay/ Amex etc.
  • All staff are wearing face coverings.
  • We are sanitising our hands and relevant equipment in between serving each customer.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for our customers to use.
  • We have 1 serving point, and 2m markings on the floor around the stall - please adhere to social distancing while you browse and wait to be served.

Home Deliveries

How do I order?

  • Browse and order your products on our website, and add any extra labels you need for labelling your own bottles at home.
  • Select your delivery slot at checkout
  • Order by 12pm Tuesday for Wednesday’s delivery run
  • Order by 12pm Thursday for Friday’s delivery run.
  • Select ‘Local Delivery’ shipping option to get our local delivery special rate of £2.

How do the refills work?

  • We deliver refills in returnable Bare + Fair bottles; simply leave out any empties on your next delivery day for us to collect, or return them to us at Woking Market.
  • Please give your empties a quick rinse before leaving them out for us!

What can I leave out for you to collect on delivery day?

  • Empty Bare + Fair refill containers (5 Litre, 1 Litre, 500ml bottles)
  • Any 5 Litre container
  • Empty Fit Pit jars
  • Used LiveCoco toothbrush heads
  • Puremess tins

Can I get spare labels for refilling my own bottles/containers at home?

Yes you can - select ‘Extra Labels’ in any of the refill categories and choose which labels you need. We do not charge for these.

Can I purchase bottles form you?

We are gradually expanding our range of 'Bottles for Life' available to buy on our website. These are high quality glass bottles designed to be refilled and reused over and over again.

Why do you deliver in plastic bottles?

After much research and consideration, we decided to use plastic bottles because long-term and in our business context they have the lowest environmental impact:

  • They are easy to clean and sterilise which minimises our water and energy usage.
  • They don’t break (like glass) which avoids unnecessary waste.
  • Our labels adhere very well to them, minimising waste/usage of plastic labels.
  • Our research showed that long-term (taking into account production, durability, transportation and recycling at end of life), reusable plastics have a much lower carbon footprint than glass.
  • They are much lighter than glass which means we can use a zero-emissions bicycle courier for the vast majority of our local deliveries.
  • As a family with young children, we also wanted to use as safe a bottle as possible; our plastic bottles don’t break, and can be fitted with child safety caps.

Is your delivery service carbon neutral?

About 85% of our local deliveries are now made by pedal power, and we are woking towards an entirely carbon neutral service. We set up our delivery service very quickly during the first lockdown in order to serve our local customers, and are continuously improving it as we go.

I’m not in your local delivery zone - can I still get a delivery?

We may be able to stretch to you for an additional fee to cover costs - get in touch and we’ll see if we can help!