Bare + Fair; a 'zero-waste' shop for Woking and beyond.

Bare + Fair was born out of our family's journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Inspired by the 'zero waste' movement, we started to reduce our household waste and carbon footprint. After a few initial swaps and changes it started getting difficult; I ordered bamboo toothbrushes online and they arrived individually wrapped in plastic. I bought bamboo bowls for our kids only to find they weren't recyclable or compostable. Sound familiar? I wanted a local place I could go to handle products and ask questions before buying them, and where I could refill our household consumables. And so Bare + Fair was born; you can find us in Woking Market every Saturday 9am-4pm for ethically conscious, sustainable goods and refills.

BARE - minimum packaging and maximum transparency on our products and suppliers.

FAIR - to the planet and our global neighbours, with fair prices for our customers and suppliers.

We will soon be offering our carefully selected range of sustainable goods online, and are working to expand our refills service and make it accessible for all - watch this space. It is my pleasure to speak at local schools, colleges, community groups and events about reducing plastic use and all things 'zero waste' - do get in touch if this is of interest.

Vive la Refillution!