Our Story

Welcome to Bare + Fair! My name is Mel; I'm a mum of 3 and long-time resident of Woking, I didn't use reusable nappies on my children and I'm not a vegan. Like most people, I'm on a journey with sustainability that for me started about 3.5 years ago when I first came across the 'Zero Waste' movement. As a family we started to reduce our plastic use and live more sustainably (and using disposable nappies quickly became one of my biggest parenting regrets, btw), but I quickly got frustrated with how long it took to research eco-friendly products, and with the lack of refilling options in my area. So I thought I'd start one myself. Our values are in our name:

BARE - minimum packaging and maximum transparency on our products and suppliers.

FAIR - to the planet and our global neighbours, at a fair price to our customers.

My hope is that Bare + Fair will make it easy and affordable for anyone to get closer to 'zero' waste, wherever you happen to be on your sustainable journey (no judgement here!). You can find us at our store in The Peacocks Shopping Centre, Woking, or shop with us online. I hope we can help you in taking your next sustainable step.

Vive la Refillution!


P.S. It is my pleasure to speak at local schools, colleges, community groups and events about reducing plastic use and all things 'zero waste' - do get in touch if this is of interest.