B A R E + F A I R

a Zero Waste shop for Woking and beyond

Hi there, I'm Mel; welcome to Bare + Fair. The Zero Waste movement first came onto my radar about 3 years ago, and it inspired our family to try and live less wastefully and more sustainably. I really enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing far less going into our bin, learning how to compost, using more natural products on our hair and skin, and the savings we made using fewer disposable products. But after a while the frustration set in; I ordered bamboo toothbrushes online and they arrived individually wrapped in plastic. I bought bamboo bowls for our kids only to find (when they instantly broke) that they actually contained plastic and weren't recyclable or compostable! Sound familiar?

I wanted a local shop I could visit to ask questions about products before buying them, and where I could refill our household consumables. And so Bare + Fair was born.

BARE - minimum packaging and maximum transparency on our products and suppliers.

FAIR - to the planet and our global neighbours, at a fair price to our customers.

Going green isn't always black and white. We take pride in thoroughly researching and testing each product we stock, and selecting what we believe to be the most sustainable options available to us out of what is now a vast array of 'eco' products on the market.

You can order all our goods online, or come find us in Woking Market every Saturday 9am-4pm. I hope we can help you in taking your next sustainable step, wherever you are on that journey.

It is my pleasure to speak (usually over Zoom at the moment!) at local schools, colleges, community groups and events about reducing plastic use and all things 'zero waste' - do get in touch if this is of interest.

Vive la Refillution!